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IDC RAST 2.5 Connectors M7221R

  • M7221R

  • HRB


RAST 2.5 connector for indirect mating, insulation displacement technology (IDT), for individual conductors

wire to wire, contact pitch 5.0 mm 


GWT: 750˚C IEC-60335-1

IDC advantages:

1). While crimping the IDC, pierced instantly, removing the oxide on the surface of wires and terminals, so as to make the good contact between conductors.

2). Simplify harness design
    Reduce errors assembly

    We can choose single color in mass production of IDC, so that reduce inventory and purchase a varity of colors for the wires to facilitate materials management. Processing or 1st crimp, 2nd crimp complete harness. Each line corresponds to avoid confusion holes generated electrical signal error given.

3). UP till now using IDC, has been optimized to pre-installed factory direct finished harness assembly, and various foolproof hooks designed to minimize reliance by skilled workers assemble the finished product, according to the product structure can be assembled finished products and reduce costs.

4). We have taken into account the subsequent global widely used, that is, all metal parts have been embedded in plastic housing, to avoid collisions in the local and international transportation squeeze, causing damage and destruction IDC connector, reducing transport losses.

 IDC Rast products application: 


     1. Computer industry:         desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs, servers, etc.
      2. Office equipment:         copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, etc.
      3. Communications:         video telephony, public telephony, fiber crimp, etc.
      4. Finance Business:         ATM machines, POS machines, five signatures recorder, etc.
5. Household appliancs:         washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, treadmills, smart meters, coffee machine.
 6. Automotive industry:         power steering, electric seats, sound, lights, EPS, OPS, etc.         

1). Current rating: 3A AC, DC
2). Voltage rating: 250V AC, DC
3). Operating Temperature: -40˚C--+120˚C
4). Contact Resistance: 10mΩ max.
5). Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ min.
6). Withstanding voltage: 1400V AC/minute
7). Material: Housing:Nylon66 UL94V-0
                  Terminal: Phosphor bronze, Tin-plated
9). Wire range: AWG 24 to 22 GWT:750˚C IEC-60335-1