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Fully Insulated Quick Disconnect Terminals

HRB Fully Insulated Quick Disconnect Terminal, are wire to wire and wire to board connection. 

There are 4 series product as below :

HRB 110 series(2.8mm, tab size: 2.8x0.5 or 2.8x0.8), 

HRB 187 series(4.8mm, tab size: 4.8x0.5 or 4.8x0.8),

HRB 205 series(5.2mm, tab size: 5.2x0.5 or 5.2x0.8)

 HRB 250 series(6.3mm, tab size: 6.3x0.5 or 6.3x0.8)

All above series with straight female and male insulated terminal .

187 and 250 series have flag type terminal. 

With different color standing for different wire size, red color insulated terminal: AWG#22-28, blue color insulated terminal: AWG#16-14, and yellow color insulated terminal: AWG#12-10.