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High-performance waterproof connectors insulate sensitive electrical components and prevent vibration effects as well as penetration of moisture, dust, dirt and brine solutions during everyday vehicle operation. They must also withstand temperature variations in different parts of the globe, from extreme cold of -55°C to extreme heat of +125°C, to meet IP67 immersion standards and IP69K pressure cleaning standards.

IP67 &IP69K Waterproof Connector's Wide Range of Application

IP67 waterproof connectors are widely used in various fields due to their ability to provide reliable connectivity in harsh environments. 
Application Fields including: outdoor electrical equipment, outdoor lighting systems, scenic audio systems, drones, lawn mowers, solar equipment, mine lighting communication system, auto automatic doors and windows, refrigerated.
HRB Strength

HRB Team

Open laboratory 4 staffs.
Automotive & Electronics 12 staff.
Industrial & Electrical 8 staffs.
Vehicle waterproof technology research: 6 staffs.
Raw material research: 5 staffs.
CAE simulation analysis: 3 staffs.
Automatic production equipment research :7 staffs.

With an average of 8 years of R&D experience.
Quality Control

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