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Shenzhen Hongru Connector Co., Ltd.


  A:  Automotive Lighting, LED, Day lighting, Back lighting, Brake lighting, Fog lighting

  B:  Automotive Rear Mirror, Inner Mirror

  C: Automotive Steering, Windshield Wiper, Indicator Light

  D:  Automotive Door&Window without key

  E:  360° Fully View System&High definition Camera

  F:  Navigation&Video

  G:  Electric Seat

  H:  Instrument Panel

  I:  Motor, Battery, Electric Control



Our main products include: IDC puncture connector, Wire to Wire & Wire to Board connector and Nylon-insulated terminal which is used in LCD displays, household appliances, power supply electronic control, the treadmill, ATX power supply, communications, automobiles, lighting field etc.  Our products not only comply with SONY standard and granted with some international authentication like UL, CUL, SGS and patent, but also complied with the lasted REACH rule of EU.