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T3020PS Male Crimp Terminal

  • T3025PS-2
  • HRB


The HRB 3.0 pitch wire to wire, wire to board connector system is made up of connector housing, crimp terminal and pin header(wafer), generally in Male crimp housing, Female crimp housing, Female and male crimp terminals, right angle and vertical pin header(wafer). 

T3020PS is male terminal, tin plated, gold plated, with AWG#20-24, AWG#26-30, using with P3020 series female housing connector, single row and dual row, mating with P3025 male housing connector series(Wire to wire connector).

Ordering Information:

T3020 PS-2

       ①     ②     ③ 

①: HRB product series number(Male terminal)

②: Terminal material: Phosphor bronze   

③: 2: Tin plated, AWG#20-24.

      00: Gold plated, AWG#20-24.

      00B: Gold plated, AWG#26-30.


1). HRB 3.0 Crimp Terminal, Male, with Tin (Sn) Plated Phosphor Bronze Contact, 20-24 AWG, Reel 

Part No.  A  B  C  D  E  F G    H  I  J  K  Applicable wire Platd 
 T3020PS-2  6.40  16.50  2.50 0.65 0.20  12.80  0.60 2.50  2.40  2.00  2.00   AWG#20-24  Tin-platd

2). HRB 3.0 Crimp Terminal, Male, with Select Gold (Au) Plated(selective gold plated 15U", 20U", 30U"), Phosphor Bronze Contact, 20-24 AWG, Reel 

Part No.  A  B  C  D  E  F G  H  I  J  K  Applicable wire Platd 
 T3020PS-00   6.40  16.50  2.50  0.65  0.20  12.80  0.60  2.50  2.40  2.00  2.00  AWG#20-24 gold-plated

3). HRB 3.0 Crimp Terminal, Male, with Tin (Sn) Plated Phosphor Bronze Contact, 26-30 AWG, Reel 

Part No.  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  Applicable wire Platd 
 T3020PS-2B  6.40  16.50  2.50 0.65 0.20  12.80  0.60 2.00  1.90  1.54   1.20  AWG#26-30  Tin-platd

Part No. Applicable wire SPQ(Poly bag packing)
T3020PS-00 AWG#20-24 10,000pcs/reel
T3020PS-00B AWG#26-30 10,000pcs/reel
T3020PS-2 AWG#20-24 10,000pcs/reel
T3020PS-2B AWG#26-30 10,000pcs/reel

Detail Information:

Category Crimp Terminals connector
Brand HRB
Application Power
Gender Male
Material - Metal Phosphor Bronze
Material - Plating Mating Tin/Gold(selective gold plated 15U", 20U", 30U")
Material - Plating Termination Tin/Gold(selective gold plated 15U", 20U", 30U")
Packaging Type Reel
Termination Interface: Style Crimp or Compression
Wire Size AWG 20, 22, 24; 26, 28, 30
Current - Maximum per Contact 5.0A

Product application:




Gaming Machines




Security Systems

Vending Machines

Washing machine

White goods


Solar Power



Power supplies and distribution



Use with:

P3020 3.0 plug housing, Panel mount plug housings connector. 

T3020PS-2 terminal.pdf

1) Current rating: 5A AC, DC

2) Voltage rating: 250V AC, DC

3) Contact resistance: 10mΩ Min.

4) Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min.

5)  Withstanding voltage: 1500V AC/minute terminal.

6) Wire size: AWG#20 to #24

7) Material: Phosphor bronze

8)Finish: Tin plated

9) Thickness: 0.20mm

10) Terminal in housing retention force requirement: 2.5kg(Min.)