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P3020 Female Single Row Plug Housing Connector with Panel Mount Ears

Color: Black, White customized
Pitch: HRB 3.0mm pitch
Material: Nylon66 UL94V-2 and Nylon66 UL94V-0
Sales Models: Wholesale
MOQ: Nylon66 UL94V-2: 1000pcs
Nylon66 UL94V-0: 10,000pcs
  • P3020-1xN-B-K hrb

  • HRB


The HRB 3.0 pitch wire to wire connector system is made up of connector housing and crimp terminal, generally in Male and Female crimp housing, Male and Female crimp terminals. 

P3020-1×N-B-K series is Female connector electrical housing, single row with panel mount ears, available in multiple circuits from 2 poles to 12 poles, using with T3020 series male terminal(AWG#20-24; AWG#26-30 both tin plated and gold plated for customer's selection), mating with P3025-1×N-B-H series(Wire to wire connector). 

Technical parameters

1) Current Rating: 5A AC, DC 

2) Voltage Rating: 250V AC, DC 

3) Operating temperature: V2: -25 ºC to +85 ºC 

                                          V0: -40 ºC to +130 ºC 

4) Contact resistance: 10mΩ Max 

5) Insulation Resistance:1000MΩ Min 

6) Withstanding Voltage:1500V AC/minute 

7) Material: Nylon66-UL 94V-2/UL94V-0 

8) cUL File No.: E304945 

9) Terminal in housing retention force requirement: 2.5kg(Min.)

Ordering Information:

HRB 3.0 Female Plug Crimp Housing connector, Single Row, 2 to 12 Circuits, UL 94V-2/0, Panel Mount Ears, Black.


       ①     ②   ③ ④ ⑤

①: HRB product series number

②: crimp housing row number   

③: number of circuits/poles  

④: crimp housing color: Black 

⑤: with panel mount ears

                       Part No.

   Dimensions                           Part No.
TYP UL94V-2 TYP UL94V-0 Circuits Dim: A Dim: B TYP UL94V-2 TYP UL94V-0 Circuits Dim: A Dim: B
P3020-1×2-B-K P3020-1×2-B-K(V0) 2 300 6.85 P3020-1×8-B-K P3020-1×8-B-K(V0) 8 21.00 24.85
P3020-1×3-B-K P3020-1×3-B-K(V0) 3 6.00 9.85 P3020-1×9-B-K P3020-1×9-B-K(V0) 9 24.00 27.85
P3020-1×4-B-K P3020-1×4-B-K(V0) 4 9.00 12.85 P3020-1×10-B-K P3020-1×10-B-K(V0) 10 27.00 30.85
P3020-1×5-B-K P3020-1×5-B-K(V0) 5 12.00 15.85 P3020-1×11-B-K P3020-1×11-B-K(V0) 11 30.00 33.85
P3020-1×6-B-K P3020-1×6-B-K(V0) 6 15.00 18.85 P3020-1×12-B-K P3020-1×12-B-K(V0) 12 33.00 36.85
P3020-1×7-B-K P3020-1×7-B-K(V0) 7 18.00 21.85

Part No. Poles SPQ(Packing: Poly Bag) CAD files
P3020-1×2-B-K 2 1000 P3020-1x2-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×3-B-K 3 1000 P3020-1x3-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×4-B-K 4 1000 P3020-1x4-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×5-B-K 5 1000 P3020-1x5-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×6-B-K 6 1000 P3020-1x6-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×7-B-K 7 1000 P3020-1x7-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×8-B-K 8 1000 P3020-1x8-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×9-B-K 9 1000 P3020-1x9-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×10-B-K 10 1000 P3020-1x10-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×11-B-K 11 1000 P3020-1x11-B-K.pdf
P3020-1×12-B-K 12 1000 P3020-1x12-B-K.pdf

Detail Information:

Category Crimp Housings connector
Brand HRB connector
Power, wire to wire connector
Circuits 2-12 circuits
Color Black(white customized)
Flammability UL94V-2/UL94V-0
Gender Female
Glow-Wire Compliant "Yes" or "No" are both available
Keying to Mating Part None
Lock to Mating Part Yes
Material - Resin Nylon
Number of Rows Single
Packaging Type Poly bag
Panel Mount Yes
Pitch - Mating Interface 3.0mm pitch 
Pitch - Termination Interface 3.0mm pitch 
Polarized to Mating Part Yes
Stackable No
Temperature Range - Operating -25 ºC to +85 ºC and -40 ºC to +130 ºC

Product application:



Gaming Machines




Security Systems

Vending Machines

Washing machine

White goods

Solar Power


Power supplies and distribution



Mate with parts(wire to wire):

P3025  3.0  receptacle housings connector

Use with:

T3020   3.0  male crimp terminals connector

P3020-1xN-B-K connector.pdf

1) Current Rating: 5A AC, DC

2) Voltage Rating: 250V AC, DC

3) Operating temperature: V2: -25 ºC to +85 ºC

                                           V0: -40 ºC to +130 ºC

4) Contact resistance: 10mΩ Max

5) Insulation Resistance:1000MΩ Min

6) Withstanding Voltage:1500V AC/minute

7) Material: Nylon66-UL 94V-2/UL94V-0

8) cUL File No.: E304945

9) Terminal in housing retention force requirement: 2.5kg(Min.)