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2.0mm Pitch E-unlock Water-proof Connector 8 Poles

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Most waterproof connectors are large in size, difficult to handle in a production environment and expensive. Meeting customer needs for a small form factor waterproof connector that is easy to handle and cost effective long been a challenge.


HRB wire to wire waterproof electrical connector meets the need for a small form factor waterproof connector. It has an IP67 waterproof rating per IEC 60529. It is on a 2.0mm pitch(contact to contact) and 4.0mm row to row spacing for double row versions. The overall size when mated is just 30.2mm for the wire to wire series 21.0m for the wire to PCB version.

Wire to wire waterproof connector:

Wire to wire waterproof connector is available in 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 positions. These waterproof connectors deliver a cost effective solution by utilizing a brass tin plated tab contact and a copper alloy tin plated receptacle contact. The contact system has a 3 amp rating and 24-22 AWG wires.


Waterproof performance

Contained seal ring

Solid rubber seal

Double-spring construction

Housing-to-terminal locks

Inner-housing lock

Wire range: AWG#22 to 24  Ø1.4- Ø 1.7mm Insulation O.D.


Electric vehicle

Electric motorcycle 

Automobile camera built-in waterproof

Automotive battery built-in waterproof

Outdoor waterproofing applications

1) Current Rating: 3A AC, DC max.
2) Voltage Rating: 100V AC, DC
3) Temperature range: -55 ºC to +85 ºC
4) Contact resistance: 10mΩ Max
5) Insulation Resistance:1000MΩ Min
6) Withstanding Voltage:1000V AC/minute
8) Waterproof grade: IPX7 of IEC 60529
9) Terminal Applicability: AWG#26-22(Insulation O.D.1.4-1.7mm)
10) Material: Phosphor Bronze
11) Finish: Tin plated(Ni 30-50U'' Sn 80-12U'')
12) Thickness: 0.25mm